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You recently decided to make the switch to a commercial epoxy flooring system. Here is what you are getting when you hire our services
  • Visual Appeal
  • Strength and Durability
  • Numerous Design Options
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The Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy floor coatings offer plenty of advantages and we want to explain what they are in greater detail. More and more commercial operators are jumping on board and for many good reasons. Listed below are the many benefits that commercial epoxy flooring has to offer:
Commercial Epoxy-Flooring Schaumburg Safety


Your employees are your greatest assets. They are the ones that make everything happen on a day-to-day basis. Epoxy coatings usually include an anti-slip additive that prevents accidents by adding more traction to your flooring system. Here’s how commercial epoxy will improve everyone’s safety:

  • Greater slip-resistance
  • Increased visibility
  • Less contamination
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg Longevity


We also want to discuss the long-lasting benefits of a commercial epoxy flooring system. Commercial settings tend to experience a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. You need a flooring system in place that will limit damage while also simplifying your long-term maintenance and cleaning needs. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Less wear and tear
  • Bussiness-friendly solutions
  • Less long-term maintenance
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg Sanitation


Regular cleaning and sanitation are always an important aspect of running a commercial operation. Bacteria and debris will always somehow make their way into your facility, and it’s better to have a flooring system in place that makes the cleaning process a lot easier. Here is why sanitation is important:

  • Fewer germs and bacteria
  • Cleaner surfaces
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg Durability


Let’s face it, your commercial flooring system has to hold up against a lot of daily wear and tear. Epoxy flooring offers you unparalleled strength and resilience. You can’t find a more durable flooring option. Epoxy concrete floor coatings simply provide you with greater protection.

  • Decades of usage
  • Minimal disruptions
  • Unbelievable durability
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg Appearance


We can’t forget about the visual appeal of a commercial epoxy flooring system. We offer you plenty of design options to choose from so that your epoxy floor coating matches the branding of your company. We always encourage our clients to get creative with the appearance of their flooring.

  • Unlimited design options
  • Greater visual appeal
  • Cool color schemes
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg, IL
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We are one of the most reliable providers of commercial epoxy flooring services in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas. We have a team of dedicated technicians who strive to serve all of our clients with respect and integrity. We can assure you that we never cut corners and we always pay close attention to detail. Installations are an intricate process that requires a lot of patience and experience. We provide service to a wide range of clients and there is nothing that we can’t handle.
Commercial epoxy isn’t the perfect solution when it comes to flooring systems, but it’s pretty darn close. The material offers many more cumulative benefits than most other flooring options. When it comes to price and versatility, nothing beats commercial epoxy flooring.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg Installation
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Compatibility With Vehicles

Less Deterioration and More Usage

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg Professionals
In a commercial setting, there is usually plenty of foot and vehicle traffic. This can create a lot of wear and tear in a short amount of time. Exposed concrete can also cause damage to tires and other vehicular equipment. The smooth and seamless surface of the epoxy overlay is ideal for vehicles because any damage is much less likely to occur. The sturdy overlay also offers extra protection from heat and moisture while also repelling any liquids from water to oil to gasoline and transmission fluid.
Commercial epoxy also offers incredible load-bearing capabilities, which also makes it the ideal material to install in an industrial facility. Prolonged storage of large and heavy equipment can take a toll on your flooring system. One way to remedy this issue is to install an epoxy flooring system, which offers intensified tensile strength. Regular concrete flooring will corrode and deteriorate much more quickly over time. Commercial epoxy flooring has the capacity to withstand harsh and demanding conditions in warehouses or factories.

Ease of Maintenance

An Easier Way of Operating

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We also want to take a moment to emphasize the simplicity of maintenance and cleaning when it comes to commercial epoxy. Plain concrete flooring tends to collect a lot of dust and bacteria, which can lead to contamination. However, with an epoxy floor coating, you will never need to worry about dust or debris adhering to your concrete flooring. This makes it much easier to undergo routine sanitation and cleaning procedures. The added resistance to bacteria and germs will greatly reduce the possibility of any microbial outbreaks. This ensures that your work environment will remain healthy and uncontaminated at all times.
We also want to mention that scratches and physical blemishing are much less likely to take place in a commercial epoxy flooring system. The simplest way to clean your floor would be to use a mop with non-acidic detergent and water. Furthermore, because epoxy flooring is so long-lasting, you will rarely need to repair the material, which also helps limit your maintenance.