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    Epoxy Flooring Schaumburg, Illinois

    Serving the Schaumburg, IL, area with quality epoxy flooring services!

    Epoxy Floor Installation

    Epoxy Floor Installation Process

    A professional installation for a strong flooring solution!

    Epoxy flooring can be a difficult installation process to the untrained eye which is why our team of professionals is ready to tackle your epoxy floor visions. Epoxy can be a meticulous material to work with that can end up being temperamental as well. The careful installation of this flooring is what gives it its strength and why it is important the process is done correctly. The first step in the installation process is the cleaning and inspecting the surface. This step is done to see what type of repairs need to be done before the epoxy installation process begins. Once the surface is clean any type of blemish found in the concrete such as cracks, chipping, and flaking is then repaired. The next step is to grind down the surface with a diamond wheel blade to prepare the surface for the epoxy. This step is important to ensure a superior bond to the concrete surface. Acid washing the surface is not a proper way to prepare the surface for high-performance epoxy and only grinding the surface down should be used. A quick cleaning is then done and a primer coat added to ensure a better bond between epoxy and concrete. The epoxy is then mixed and applied to the surface layer by layer until the desired thickness is achieved including the topcoat. Finally, the epoxy floor is allowed to cure for 72 hours so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

    Our Epoxy Services

    We can bring your flooring dreams to life!

    When you have a vision in your mind for the perfect flooring we can help make it a reality. We offer a variety of flooring options with different ways to personalize them to make the perfect flooring for your home business. We offer services for all locations including residential, commercial, and industrial.
    Standard Epoxy Floors Schaumburg
    Standard Epoxy Floors
    Standard epoxy floors offer a wide variety of personalization options to create the perfect flooring solution. You can choose from many different colors, designs, and even pick the perfect gloss option whether you’re wanting a matte finish or even a high gloss shine. This flooring can be made to mimic the look of other floorings such as your vintage black and white tiles with added strength and durability.
    Metallic Epoxy Floors Schaumburg
    Metallic Epoxy Floors
    Metallic epoxy floors are a beautiful option that can provide you with an elegant flooring look at a fraction of the cost. These floors are not only beautiful but incredibly strong despite their appearance. Metallic epoxy can be made to mimic the look of high dollar materials like marble or even to look like scenes from nature. These floors can’t be duplicated because the process of installation making them completely personal to you.
    Decorative Flake Epoxy Floors Schaumburg
    Decorative Flake Epoxy Floors
    Decorative flake epoxy is not only strong but has added safety benefits from the slip-resistance that the flakes offer because of their texture. Despite the flakes creating texture, this flooring is still easily cleaned and maintained. You can personalize this flooring with your choice of the base epoxy but also the color and sizes of the flakes to create different dimensional looks. Decorative flake epoxy is strong and durable and a great option for many work environments.
    Epoxy Floors with Logos
    Epoxy Floors with Logos
    Epoxy flooring with embedded logos is the perfect fit for any environment! You can install this flooring in your home for a mancave, hospitals for business logos, or even at schools to support the school sports team. These floors require meticulous planning to install but yield great results! These logos are printed, approved, embedded into the epoxy, and followed by a clear topcoat to give a wonderful finished product!
    Residential Epoxy Floors
    Residential Epoxy Floors
    Residential epoxy floors cover any area in your home! Epoxy is perfect for garages, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and more! You have many different options for your flooring to match the decor of your home or just your personal preference. These floors are incredibly strong and durable making them perfect for high traffic areas. Epoxy floors are easily cleaned and easy to maintain which is a huge selling point for any homeowner.
    Commercial Epoxy Floors
    Commercial Epoxy Floors
    Commercial epoxy floors are a great way to give your business a great look that customers and clients will enjoy and keep them coming to your business. Hair salons, hotels, and retail stores can all benefit from the durability and easy maintenance that these floors have to offer. Not only are these floors budget-friendly but they can be customized in many different ways to show a different side of your business to make it more personal to customers and clients.
    Industrial Epoxy Floors
    Industrial Epoxy Floors
    Industrial floors require flooring that can keep up with the hustle and bustle of industry workings. Epoxy floors can withstand the heavy load of foot traffic, heavy machinery, and forklift traffic. There are many safety features to this flooring that can offer industries safer work environments at a great cost. Not only are these floors durable, strong, easily maintained, and budget-friendly, but they can be personalized to represent your company with different color and style options.
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    Maintaining Your Epoxy Flooring

    A guide to the maintenance of your epoxy floors

    One of the greatest benefits that epoxy floors offer is the ease of maintenance. You can save both time and money with the maintenance of an epoxy flooring system when compared to traditional floorings like tile or hardwood. With epoxy floors, all you need is a simple dust mop and broom. The seamless surface of these floors repels dirt and dust making it easier to keep clean. Epoxy floors don’t require any type of specialty cleaners or harsh chemicals to look their best and keep their high shine. Epoxy flooring is resistant to stains making the cleaning and maintenance even better because you don’t have to worry about the use of specialty cleaners and abrasive sponges to remove stains.
    Durable Flooring Solutions
    That Last For Decades
    We offer unlimited ways to customize your commercial and industrial epoxy floors with your choice of colors, patterns, and effects.
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    The Great Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    Why Choosing Epoxy Flooring is a Wise Investment

    Epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular and with all the benefits this flooring has to offer it isn’t hard to see why! Epoxy floors have many great benefits like their durability, cost, personalization, and more that make them the perfect flooring for any area!
    Epoxy flooring companies
    • Personalization: Epoxy floors can be personalized to fit your needs even down to the design. There are many different design options for you to choose from as well as a wide variety of colors. You can have a single color, metallic pigments, or acrylic flakes just to name a few of the customization options available to you.
    • Durability: Epoxy floors are incredibly durable and can withstand the weight of heavy loads of things like vehicles and factory equipment.
    • EcoFriendly: Epoxy is environmentally friendly because, unlike other flooring options, only the exact amount of epoxy needed is what is mixed so there isn’t any waste product.
    • Budget-Friendly: Epoxy floors won’t hurt your wallet! These floors are budget-friendly and won’t require specialty cleaners driving up the cost as traditional flooring options would.
    • Longevity: These floors are incredibly durable and built to last because of this and the strength they have. A great benefit is the longevity of these floors and they will last for decades or more!

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